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You can also purchase our module "Effect Collection(Click To See)" as it contains all effects. It's more cost-effective and cheaper than purchasing separate modules. In the future, we will add more effects in this module colletions. The most important thing is that we won't raise the price and we provide upgrade free of charge. Please hurry up and purchase this effect collection module.
Single Effect Included In EffectCollection
E001_FlowPageeffect845.08 KBBuy Now | View Demo479Download
E002_CycleSlidereffect860.81 KBBuy Now | View Demo542Download
E003_PrettyGalleryeffect851.41 KBBuy Now | View Demo526Download
E004_GorgeousBannereffect850.99 KBBuy Now | View Demo683Download
E005_FlipWall (Recommend)effect825.28 KBBuy Now | View Demo512Download
E006_ImageScroller (Recommend)effect831.21 KBBuy Now | View Demo480Download
E007_GalleryVieweffect836.17 KBBuy Now | View Demo440Download
E008_Popeyeeffect840.84 KBBuy Now | View Demo429Download
E009_ContentSlidereffect828.44 KBBuy Now | View Demo449Download
E010_NivoSlider (Recommend)effect865.54 KBBuy Now | View Demo420Download
E011_HorizontalAccordion (Recommend)effect830.03 KBBuy Now | View Demo454Download
E012_VerticalAccordion (Recommend)effect855.47 KBBuy Now | View Demo419Download
E013_Tabs (Recommend)effect819.76 KBBuy Now | View Demo450Download
E014_3DCarouseleffect818.15 KBBuy Now | View Demo424Download
E015_BannerRotatoreffect825.38 KBBuy Now | View Demo452Download
E016_jCarousel (Recommend)effect856.19 KBBuy Now | View Demo418Download
E017_SlideShoweffect859.64 KBBuy Now | View Demo452Download
E018_MegaMenueffect955.29 KBBuy Now | View Demo451Download
E019_PuffingSmokeeffect835.53 KBBuy Now | View Demo442Download
E020_PolaroidPhotoViewereffect1.40 MBBuy Now | View Demo426Download
E021_SlidingDoor(Recommend)effect832.34 KBBuy Now | View Demo434Download
E022_MicroGalleryeffect831.41 KBBuy Now | View Demo452Download
E023_hSlideseffect837.98 KBBuy Now | View Demo411Download
E024_ZoomerGalleryeffect837.55 KBBuy Now | View Demo427Download
E025_SkitterSlidereffect841.25 KBBuy Now | View Demo421Download
E026_Gallerifficeffect845.37 KBBuy Now | View Demo463Download
E027_Rumbleeffect826.73 KBBuy Now | View Demo438Download
E028_Portfolio (Recommend)effect844.52 KBBuy Now | View Demo463Download
E029_MiniZoomSlidereffect831.64 KBBuy Now | View Demo479Download
E030_UniversalGalleryeffect839.04 KBBuy Now | View Demo443Download
E031_ResponsiveBannereffect832.88 KBBuy Now | View Demo443Download
E032_GridGallery (Recommend)effect818.41 KBBuy Now | View Demo536Download
E033_VerticalSlides (Recommend)effect855.71 KBBuy Now | View Demo598Download
E034_ResponsiveGallery (Recommend)effect860.49 KBBuy Now | View Demo536Download
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