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How to create a multi-step form through DNNSmart.QuickForm module?

How to create multi-step forms?

When you want to create a multi-step form, you need to consider three things. The first is how to create multiple steps. The second is how to add your controls in each step. Third, how to debug the appearance of the whole form. In the following article, we will introduce these three aspects in details.

How to manage steps?

After you install the module and add it on a page, you can click "Dashboard" and enter the following page.


1.In default, step name of the first step is "Step1". You can input your step name in area#1 and then click "Save" button. Please refer to screenshot below.


2.When you want to add more steps, please click "Add New Step" button and enter following inerface.


You can input your step name and click "Save" button.

3.If you find that we added the wrong step name, how can we delete this step? Please see screenshot below.


For example, if you want to delete the third step--"Employment History".
#1, please click this step.
#2, please double check the step name to make sure it is the one you want to delete.
#2, please click "Delete Step" button.

How to add controls in each step?

1, First of all, please choose the step which you want to add controls in. See below, we can click the step number, then it will take us to that step. For example, we click step 1.


2.According to the prompts on the page, please select and drag the control you want to add in the form and then drop it.


#1, For example, we want to add Agree control. Then we select and drag it.
#2, We drop it in this area.
#3, You can configure this control, please refer to our user manual.

3.When we finish adding one control, how could we add the next one? After we finish adding one control, it will automatically appear a new row at the very bottom. Then we can drag and drop our next control in this new row. See the screenshot below.


4, If we want to insert a new control between two added controls, how could we operate? See below, how could we add a new control between "Agree" and "Checkbox"?


Please put your mouse over the "Checkbox" row, then it will appear one plus icon as below.


You can click this plus icon, then it will appear as below.


A new row is inserted successfully, then you can drag your new control and put it in this new row.

More Info

For each row, there’s one sort icon and delete icon included. See below.


#1, this is the sort icon. This icon can help you drag and drop this entire row to other row as you want.
#2, this is the delete icon. This icon can help you delete the entire row including all controls in this row.
Tip: Please notice the difference between it and the delete button next to each control. For the delete button next to each control, it can only delete this one control.

How to adjust the appearance of the form?

There are two tabs including options for adjusting the appearance. For the tab "Form Styles", it can help us change background color, text color, control border color, control background color, control text color, button background color, button text color and the width of field title. For details, pleae refer to our user manual. For the tab "Multi Step Options", it can help us adjust the appearance of the step bar.


Display Step Name option
If this option is checked, the step name will display in the front-end. See below.


Otherwise, it won't display step name and only step numbers will display. See below.


Display Progress Bar option
If this option is checked, a progress bar will display in the front-end. This progress bar indicates the percentage of the form completed by the user. See below.


If unchecked, there's no progress bar displayed.

Multi Step Theme Color option
After you click this control, a color picker will display as below.


Through this option, you can pick one color theme and front-end will display as below.


That's all! Thanks for your reading. I believe that you would know how to create a multi-step form after reading this article. If you have any question, please send an email to us directly.

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