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Refund Policy
Important Notice:

In order to purchase correct modules you need, please download module trial and have a look at our sales page & product demo carefully before you order them. If you want to directly consult us, that’s also Ok. Please shoot an email to us at dnnsmart@gmail.com

We have following rules regarding refund issue.

1. Within 30 days of your purchase, we can provide a full refund if there’s any error or bug which we can’t solve.

2. No matter how long you have purchased our modules, we can’t grant any refund in following cases.

A, Modules don’t have any error or bug which we can’t solve.

B, You don’t know how to use our modules as you’re lack of basic DNN knowledge.

C, Errors appear on your site, but they are not caused by our modules and they are caused by the third-party products.

D. You purchase modules by your own mistake.

E, You purchase source code version of our modules.
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