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This is a very useful countdown module. It's specially developed for limited-time promotion, product publish dates, registration deadlines and events. Integrate 3 kinds of countdown plugin, they are "flip countdown", "promotion countdown" and "circular coutdown".
PromotionCountdown, Countdown
You can debug the template in "management center" -> "template" page

PromotionCountdown, Countup
FlipCountdown, Highest Unit Day
CircularCountdown, flat-colors
CircularCountdown, flat-colors-wide, change label
CircularCountdown, flat-colors-black
CircularCountdown, black
CircularCountdown, black-wide
CircularCountdown, black-very-wide
CircularCountdown, white
CircularCountdown, white-wide
CircularCountdown, white-very-wide
CircularCountdown, white-black
Super Countdown

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