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Membership Privileges
1. Provide high-quality technical support.
2. During the membership period, unlimited access to the Professional license code of any of our modules. Get Code
3. Enjoy 30% discount for personal customization needs.
4. During the memebership period, you can download the new version of the module from the website.

1. You can provide the obtained license code to your customer's website for use, but you cannot resell our modules.
2. Subscription is automatically deducted every month, you can check it on the Subscription page of the Paypal background.
3. If the renewal is stopped, the membership privileges will be suspended. If you want to continue to renew, you need to make up the missing fees. If you do not renew the fee for more than 6 months, you need to pay the initiation fee again.
4. The initiation fee is $300. Starting from the second month, each month is $30.

After you register your account, our site will send an email to you for verification. If there is an error in your verification, please log out of the website first and then click the verification link.
Initiation fee $300 Member(service fee is 30 USD per 1 Month(s))Pay
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