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DNNSmart Page Effect
Price: $19.99
DNNSmart Page Effect by Joshua Bright (created 12/04/2017)
This is an module which can add dynamic snowing effect for the page. In every kind of festival, you can use this module, such as Christmas day. It can help your website have more holiday atmosphere.
DNNSmart E033_VerticalSlides
Price: $19.99
DNNSmart E033_VerticalSlides by Joshua Bright (created 07/20/2015)
A responsive and touch-enabled effect that enables you to create elegant and professionally looking sliders.
DNNSmart BeforeAfter Slider
Price: $15.99
DNNSmart BeforeAfter Slider by Joshua Bright (created 01/22/2015)
The main feature of this module is to distinguish the difference between two images, it’s very intuitive to see.
DNNSmart Responsive PhotoWall
Price: $29.99
DNNSmart Responsive PhotoWall by Joshua Bright (created 05/30/2013)
This is one Responsive Photo Wall effect. This module can arrange images on the page randomly. After clicking images, it will popup lightbox big images. It can support PC, mobile and tablet devices.
DNNSmart Responsive Lightbox
Price: $14.99
DNNSmart Responsive Lightbox by Joshua Bright (created 05/24/2013)
This is one simple Gallery module. After clicking image, it will popup lightbox and display bigger image. It can support PC, mobile and tablet devices.
DNNSmart Responsive Slider
Price: $14.99
DNNSmart Responsive Slider by Joshua Bright (created 11/30/2012)
This is a responsive slider module which can be compatible with mobile devices. On mobile devices, you can use fingers to slide and switch images. In module setings, it provides many options for you to configure.
DNNSmart E024_ZoomerGallery
Price: $19.99
DNNSmart E024_ZoomerGallery by Joshua Bright (created 09/22/2012)
Impressive animation effect can be achieved by this module instead of using one flash. Zoomer Gallery module allows you to easily transform your image lists into beautiful galleries with Flash-like zoom effects in them. It's simple and elegant to give your interfaces a nice little shine. You can configure each image to redirect to URL or open in lightbox. This module is compact and surprisingly easy to use.
DNNSmart Effect Collection
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Effect Collection by Joshua Bright (created 09/18/2012)
This is an integration of all image effect, including Banner, Slider Show, Rotate, Cycle, gallery and so on. It integrates 32 effects now.
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