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DNNSmart User Manager
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart User Manager by Joshua Bright (created 08/18/2017)
This is one versatile Redirector, it can redirect according to roles, user, URL referrrer, IP, country, mobile, url and so on. With this module, you can flexibly and conveniently control website visitors where to go.
DNNSmart Membership
Price: $149.99
DNNSmart Membership by Joshua Bright (created 09/20/2012)
DNNSmart.Membership is a module which is used to add members., it can support payment gateway such as paypal, paypal card, authorize and eway.
DNNSmart Cool Login & Register
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Cool Login & Register by Joshua Bright (created 09/20/2012)
We made a cool & simple login / registration module. It will give you the ability to easily create a member-only area on your site and provide an easy registration process.
DNNSmart Login Integration
Price: $49.99
DNNSmart Login Integration by Joshua Bright (created 09/19/2012)
This is an integration of all login effect, including Slide Login, Cool Login, Popup Login, and so on. It integrates 4 effects now.
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