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DNNSmart User Manager
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart User Manager by DNNSmart (created 08/18/2017)
This is a module which can be used to batch manage users very conveniently and intelligently. You can import&export&delete a mass of users according to all kinds of conditions. Through simple steps and user-friendly interface, you can finish all operations breezily.
DNNSmart Membership
Price: $149.99
DNNSmart Membership by DNNSmart (created 09/20/2012)
DNNSmart.Membership is a module which is used to add members., it can support payment gateway such as paypal, paypal card, authorize and eway.
DNNSmart Cool Login & Register
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Cool Login & Register by DNNSmart (created 09/20/2012)
We made a cool & simple login / registration module. It will give you the ability to easily create a member-only area on your site and provide an easy registration process.
DNNSmart Login Integration
Price: $49.99
DNNSmart Login Integration by DNNSmart (created 09/19/2012)
This is an integration of all login effect, including Slide Login, Cool Login, Popup Login, and so on. It integrates 4 effects now.
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