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by Joshua Bright (created 05/20/2016) starstarstarstarstar(0)

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From May 21, 2016 on, we launched one point system. The more clients top up one time, the more points they will get. You can use cash to exchange points, but you couldn’t exchange your points to cash. Users can purchase products or customization service by using points.

See below, they are details about exchange rule.

1. In the following address, you can top up.

Click To Purchase Points

$1         1 point
$100     110 points (additional 10 points 10%)
$200     230 points (additional 30 points15%)
$300     360 points (additional 60 points 20%)
$500     625 points (additional 125 points 25%)
$1000   1300 points (additional 300 points 30%)

2.If you directly purchase one product which is over $100, we will give some points as a present according to our rule.

3.If you use points to purchase product, we won’t give some points as a present any more.

4. You can only get points if you purchase products on our DNNSmart Store. Address is as below.


Where can we use points?
1. You can only use points in our DNNSmart Store.

2. If you need us to customize modules or skins, you can also use points to pay. Link of customization service is as below.

Where can I see my current points?
In header section of any page on our DNNSmart store, you can see current left points. On following page, you can see consumer details of your points.

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