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Product List
DNNSmart  Slideout Module
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Slideout Module by DNNSmart (created 05/22/2015)
This is one simple and userful module. Its main function is to make your website content float in the edge of the site, you can click one icon to expand content and view. You can put HTML or one third-party module in the floating panel.
DNNSmart Service
Price: $10.00
DNNSmart Service by DNNSmart (created 10/14/2013)
DNNSmart Service
DNNSmart Super Link
Price: $59.99
DNNSmart Super Link by DNNSmart (created 08/21/2013)
This is an integration of all link types. It integrates 7 kinds of link types now.
DNNSmart Responsive Slider
Price: $19.99
DNNSmart Responsive Slider by DNNSmart (created 11/30/2012)
This is a responsive slider module which can be compatible with mobile devices. On mobile devices, you can use fingers to slide and switch images. In module setings, it provides many options for you to configure.
DNNSmart Super Store
Price: $149.99
DNNSmart Super Store by DNNSmart (created 09/25/2012)
This is one simple but useful e-commerce module. It consists of multiple sub modules which can help you setup your DNN E-commerce sites quickly. It's very easy to configure module backend, so non-technical users can fully control of it. It has simple UI, easy operation and most user friendly.
DNNSmart Youtube Playlist
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Youtube Playlist by DNNSmart (created 09/20/2012)
This is a DotNetNuke module related with playing YouTube Video. With this module, you can insert YouTube video list on your site very conveniently. This module allows you to enter User ID or PlayListID to add video list. It can also support adding video individually.
DNNSmart Script Manager
Price: $29.99
DNNSmart Script Manager by DNNSmart (created 09/20/2012)
This is a simple module which is convenient for you to add JS or css files to the header or body of your site.
DNNSmart Super Redirector
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Super Redirector by DNNSmart (created 09/19/2012)
This is one versatile Redirector, it can redirect according to roles, user, URL referrrer, IP, country, mobile, url and so on. With this module, you can flexibly and conveniently control website visitors where to go.
DNNSmart Bulk Email
Price: $59.99
DNNSmart Bulk Email by DNNSmart (created 09/19/2012)
This is a simple module which can be used to send newsletters and e-mail marketing. Users can subscribe to newsletters. Admin can send bulk e-mail according to DNN role and configure this module to send e-mails. It supports customing multiple e-mail template. This module is so useful and flexible.
DNNSmart Google Map
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Google Map by DNNSmart (created 09/19/2012)
This is an ultimate and interactive google map module. It's developed based on Google Map API. It's very simple and useful. As long as you know how to use google map, you will know all functions of this module.
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