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DNNSmart Effect Collection
Price: $39.99
DNNSmart Effect Collection by Joshua Bright (created 09/18/2012)
This is an integration of all image effect, including Banner, Slider Show, Rotate, Cycle, gallery and so on. It integrates 32 effects now.
DNNSmart Super Form
Price: $79.99
DNNSmart Super Form by Joshua Bright (created 09/18/2012)
DNNSmart Super Form is a powerful and flexible form module and you can learn how to use it very quickly. It can allow to add several steps in the backend and configure how many feilds in each step and field type. By using this module, you can custom template of each step and e-mail template. It has a intuitive User interface that helps you to create forms easily. You can setup one payment form, responsive form, localization form, slideout form, popup form and so on through using this module.
DNNSmart MobileDNN
Price: $59.99
DNNSmart MobileDNN by Joshua Bright (created 09/18/2012)
This module specially serves for mobile users. When you install this module on your site, you can add pages and contents like DNN standard site settings and call other modules of your DNN site. When mobile users access your site, they will see a more succinct interface. This is just like Iphone and Andriod mobile interface which is easy to operate.
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