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Product List
DNNSmart Token Grid
Price: $59,99
DNNSmart Token Grid by DNNSmart (created 09/03/2021)
The main function of this module is to write an SQL statement. URL query string can be used as query criteria to read multiple rows of data from one certain table. Each row of data represents a grid, the admin can edit the grid template and use the data field as multiple tokens in the grid template. In the front-end, it will display the data of each grid in the form of a list, paging and caching functions are supported.
DNNSmart Module Collection
Price: $299,99
DNNSmart Module Collection by DNNSmart (created 08/02/2021)
If you need more than one of our modules, but don't know how to choose? We provide this module collection to cut profit, which includes 25 practical modules from us. Compared to single purchase, this collection offers a discount of 70% off. With 1 year's support and upgrade, high-quality and professional service, you deserve it.
DNNSmart API Builder
Price: $99,99
DNNSmart API Builder by DNNSmart (created 07/28/2021)
This is an API builder module. Through this module, you can easily build APIs to allow DNN to interact with mobile client or server. It also provides functions such as API key security verification, executing SQL, sending e-mail, viewing request log, setting api permissions and so on, which is quite practical.
DNNSmart Responsive Gallery
Price: $39,99
DNNSmart Responsive Gallery by DNNSmart (created 07/11/2021)
This is an elaborate gallery for mobile devices. In today's mobile age, it is a necessary gallery. Whether it's on PC, tablet or mobile, the gallery looks beautiful. It supports the functions of the mobile phone, such as enlarging pictures with gestures, switching pictures, sliding to close pictures, etc. It also supports the function of automatically generating thumbnails, which saves mobile traffic and improves page loading speed.
DNNSmart Quick File Manager
Price: $59,99
DNNSmart Quick File Manager by DNNSmart (created 01/31/2021)
If you have a lot of pictures on your website and you want to find a picture, but you can't preview it quickly. What should you do? Do you want to download each picture and confirm which one it is? That's too crazy. Don't worry, Quick File Manager can help you solve this problem and provides most functions of DNN system, as well as more advanced function of smoothly dragging files and folders. You won't worry any more.
DNNSmart Quick Form
Price: $49,99
DNNSmart Quick Form by DNNSmart (created 12/29/2020)
DNNSmart Quick Form module is an advanced Drag and Drop form builder to save your time, cost and effort. Are you looking for an easy and fast way to create forms for your website? If yes, DNNSmart Quick Form module will be your best choice. With drag and drop feature and visual style editor, you can build your forms quickly and easily without writing a line of code. Straightforward and user-friendly interface will give you a sleek user experience and save your cost, time and effort.
DNNSmart User Manager
Price: $49,99
DNNSmart User Manager by DNNSmart (created 08/18/2017)
This is a module which can be used to batch manage users very conveniently and intelligently. You can import&export&delete a mass of users according to all kinds of conditions. Through simple steps and user-friendly interface, you can finish all operations breezily.
DNNSmart Super Content
Price: $79,99
DNNSmart Super Content by DNNSmart (created 04/11/2016)
This is a practical and cost-effective content management module. You can use it as one News, Article, Blog and so on. Later, we will add more practical functions. It can support features like custom template, multiple language and so on. This module provides one user friendly management interface, so you could learn how to use it quickly.
DNNSmart Super Countdown
Price: $39,99
DNNSmart Super Countdown by DNNSmart (created 09/17/2015)
This is a very useful countdown module. It's specially developed for limited-time promotion, product publish dates, registration deadlines and events. Integrate 3 kinds of countdown plugin, they are "flip countdown", "promotion countdown" and "circular coutdown".
DNNSmart Popup Module
Price: $39,99
DNNSmart Popup Module by DNNSmart (created 06/08/2015)
This is one simple and userful module. Its main function is that it would popup one window after you click one button or one image in the module. You can adjust module template in the back-end, you can put HTML or one third-party module in the popup window.
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