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DNNSmart SuperForm Module
DNNSmart Super Form is a powerful and flexible form module and you can learn how to use it very quickly. It can allow to add several steps in the backend and configure how many feilds in each step and field type. By using this module, you can custom template of each step and e-mail template. It has a intuitive User interface that helps you to create forms easily. You can setup one payment form, responsive form, localization form, slideout form, popup form and so on through using this module.

DNNSmart.SuperForm_View Module
DNNSmart.SuperForm_View module is one extension module of DNNSmart.SuperForm module. The function of this module is to display submitted data from DNNSmart.SuperForm module. In front-end, data will display as list mode. This feature is similar with DNN core Form And List module, but DNNSmart.SuperForm_View module is more flexible and powerful.
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