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DNNSmart Quick File Manager
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A Quick File Management Module For Everyone
Are you still struggling to manage thousands of files? Don't worry, our Quick File Manager module will help you remove difficulties and obstacles. It's a real file manager which can help you manage large amounts of files such as images, audio files, videos, documents and so on in DNN sites. You can quickly add, rename, copy, delete and move files and folders through this module.
Compatible With
DNN 7.3.1+, 8.x, 9.x SQL Server 2008+ ASP.NET 4.0 IE11+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera IIS 7.0+
Drag And Drop Files & Folders
You can drag and drop your files into folders easily and quickly. You can also rearrange your folders by drag & drop feature. This drag & drop feature can greatly reduce the operation steps and greatly improve work efficiency.
Simulate Computer Operation
In folder section, you can right-click your mouse to add, rename, copy or delete folders and generate gallery code. In Media Library section, you can right-click your mouse to download, rename, copy or delete file and get file url. All these operations are just like what you do on the computer.
Generate Gallery
You can select images from one folder to generate a gallery HTML code, then copy the code to any place where you can write HTML to display the gallery. For example, HTML module, a blog module, a content builder module and so on.
Get File URL
In Media Gallery section, you can right-click your files to get file url. This feature can help you easily get the URL of the file and use it wherever you need it.
Operation History
In the module back-end, there's one page to display all operation history records. This feature can help you query whether there is wrong operation, you can also know that a file is uploaded by who and find the relevant personnel.
Two Display Modes
In Media Gallery section, there are two kinds of dislay modes for uploaded files. In list mode, you can view file name, file size and update time in a list. In grid mode, you can preview files and this feature is especially important for uploaded images. Without clicking each image one by one, you can preview all of them at one time.
Authorize Roles To Access
On option settings page of the module, you can configure which DNN roles can access and manage files.
Sort Feature
In Media Library section, there's a dropdown list where you can choose one sort rule. You can sort files according to name, updatetime and size, files can be arranged in ascending or descending order.
Search Feature
In Media Library section, there's a search box. In search box, you can input one keyword to search uploaded files, then matched results will display. This feature can help you quickly find files you need.
Bulk Upload & Delete & Move Files
If you want to upload, delete or move files in batches, there are two kinds of ways to achieve. The first way is that you could selete multiple files at one time and operate, just as you do on the computer. The second way is that you could click "Select All" button, then you can operate all files at one time.
Simple & Clean UI
We adopt the color theme of senior grey & classic blue and also use popular buttons, icons and draggable elements. Classic design turns it into a kind of elegant taste, which gives you one comfortable UI.
Ultimate User Experience
We use Ajax technology, which does everthing without reloading the page. When we design the module, we try to simplify the operation steps. All of these will give you a sleek user experience.
What's new in 1.0.1
  • On Option Settings page, we added option "Customize Path". Now you can specify any folder of the website as the root directory. But the custom directory cannot be synchronized to the DNN file system., so you can only operate on files.
  • Fixed bug that the file can't be deleted successfully if the file name contains "&" character.
Read update history
Demo Screenshot
Move Files
Move Files
Move Folder
Move Folder
List Mode
List Mode
Bulk Upload
View Picture
View Picture
Get File URL
Get File URL
Generate Gallery Code
Generate Gallery Code
Gallery In Html Module
Gallery In Html Module
Option Settings
Option Settings
Operation History
Operation History
License & Support & Upgrade Policy
+ Drag & Drop Feature
+ Generate Gallery
+ Get File URL
+ Two Display Modes
+ Authorize Roles To Access
+ Sort Feature
+ Search Feature
+ Bulk Operation
+ Support within 1 year
+ Upgrade within 1 year
+ 1 Domain and unlimited subdomains
All in Standard, and:
+ Operation History
+ 3 Domains and unlimited subdomains
All in Professional, and:
+ Unlimited installations within 1 organization
All in Enterprise, and:
+ Source code included
+ Redistribution
Free upgrade & support within 1 year
You can freely upgrade to all new versions we publish within 1 year after your purchase.

Pay for upgrade & support
Upgrade & support can be extended before it expires at 50% of a new license.
1, Where can I get trial version?
Please go here and download trial version, it’s a 14 days free trial.
2,Where can I find documentation?
3,Where can I get support?
Please contact us through email and our email account is, we will reply within 24 hours.
4,Can I extend my trial?
Yes, please contact us through email, our email account is
5,Are there any limitations with trial?
No, trial version has all the same functions with our production version.
6,Can I have one license for dev or staging site?
Of course you can, please contact us through email and our email account is
7,When I purchase the module, will I lose all settings which I make during the trial?
Certainly not, all you need to do is to activate the module after you make the purchase.
8,Can I transfer the license from current site to a new site?
Standard and professional licenses are bound according to domain names. If you change to a new domain name, then you need to purchase a new license. The enterprise edition has no restrictions.
9,Can I upgrade to different license type later?
If your purchase was made within the past 6 months, you only need to pay price difference to upgrade to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license. Please contact us through email and our email account is, we will give you instructions on how to operate.
10,If I upgrade my DNN version, do I also need to upgrade your module?
We suggest that you could upgrade our module to the latest version as we test and optimize for latest DNN version.
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