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Custom Modules
Custom DNNSmart Modules Custom DNNSmart Modules

After you purchase DNNSmart modules and find they couldn't fully meet your need, we can do customization work based on them.

Our rate is $30/hours.
Custom DNN modules Custom A New DNN Modules

When you establish your own websites, you don't find existing modules to achieve functions and need a fresh new module. Absolutely no problem! We're always here to give you assistance and custom DNN modules from scratch according to your provided requirements.

Our rate is $30/hours for Source Code.

Custom third-party modules. Custom Third-party Modules

If you need some features added for some third-party modules, we can do this work. As long as you could provide original source code for these modules, we can make changes based on them exactly according to your need.

Our rate is $30/hours.

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